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5 Reasons to Upgrade from QuickBooks to Acumatica

5 Reasons To Upgrade From Quickbooks

5 Reasons to Upgrade from QuickBooks to Acumatica

Growth is inevitable, and just as you wouldn’t keep wearing clothes that no longer fit, your business software needs to evolve too. QuickBooks may have been perfect initially, but as your business expands, so do your needs.

Here are 5 reasons to upgrade from Quickbooks to Acumatica as the next step in your business journey:

1. Enhanced Accounting Capabilities

QuickBooks handles basic accounting, but growing businesses need more. Acumatica offers advanced features like:

  • Tax Management: Flexible tax reporting, handling of sales tax exemption certificates, streamlined tax zone reporting, and a complete audit trail.
  • Payroll Management: Set overtime rules, manage deductions and benefits, set up pay groups, and define earning type codes.
  • Multi-Entity and Intercompany Accounting: Centralized purchasing and invoicing for multiple businesses, automatic transaction allocation, and specific bank account linking.
  • Global Accounting: Support for multiple base currencies, multi-currency pricing, and automated buy/sell relationships across borders.

Acumatica also includes Deferred Revenue Accounting, Fixed Assets Management, and Recurring Revenue Management, ensuring your accounting system grows with you.

2. Seamless Application Integration

Acumatica’s open cloud platform integrates seamlessly with hundreds of third-party applications. This flexibility ensures that your system adapts to your evolving business needs. Key integrations include:

  • Amazon Marketplace: Manages fees, reports product performance, encrypts customer information, and supports both FBA and FBM sales.
  • DataSelf Analytics: Augments Acumatica’s reporting system with deeper business insights.
  • 3G Pacejet Shipping: Ensures retail compliance, optimises shipping and automates documentation.
  • eWorkplace Apps Quality Management Suite: Maintains product quality, meets customer requirements, and manages inspections and recalls.

The Acumatica Marketplace offers over 131 connected applications to enhance your business operations.

3. Superior Usability

User feedback is a true measure of usability. Acumatica shines in this area, having been awarded the top spot in 22 G2 Spring 2024 Reports and earning 76 badges. Users consistently praise its intuitive interface, like Jennifer Alden from the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, who noted how easily new employees adapt to the system.

4. Scalability for Growth

As your business expands locally and globally, managing multiple entities, currencies, and localizations becomes crucial. Acumatica’s centralized system integrates all business operations, ensuring real-time data access for all teams. Unlike QuickBooks, which limits user numbers, Acumatica offers consumption-based licensing without per-user charges, allowing unlimited user access with advanced security controls.

5. Industry-Specific Solutions

QuickBooks offers generic features, while Acumatica provides tailored solutions for specific industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, and Distribution. Examples include:

  • Manufacturing: Companies like DiamondBack Truck Covers have reduced data gathering time by 90% and improved inventory management.
  • Retail: Businesses like Killer Merch and Jeffree Star Cosmetics manage large order volumes, cut shipping time by up to 90%, and achieve real-time inventory visibility.
  • Construction: Firms like Phoenix Renovation and Restoration manage multiple projects simultaneously and reduce paper-based processes.
  • Distribution: ToughBuilt saves hours of data entry, processes orders automatically, and boosts sales.
Time to Graduate

If QuickBooks is limiting your business, it’s time to transition to a more comprehensive ERP solution. Acumatica offers robust accounting features, seamless integrations, superior usability, scalability, and industry-specific capabilities to support your growth.

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