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Improve Inventory Management With Acumatica

Improve Inventory Management With Acumatica

Improve Inventory Management With Acumatica

While inventory stands as a crucial asset for your business, it can also be a substantial source of costs. Maintaining excessive inventory levels elevates carrying costs and increases the risks of spoilage or obsolescence. Conversely, insufficient inventory can lead to delayed customer shipments, rush order expenses, and scheduling complications.

Unlock the potential for optimal inventory management, streamlined processes, and the adoption of just-in-time strategies with Acumatica’s comprehensive inventory management and manufacturing suite.

  • Inventory Management: Take charge of your inventory with features that enable the management of safety stock levels, intricate pricing structures, insights into inventory valuation, and the configuration of replenishment parameters. These parameters include re-order points, shelf life considerations, seasonality adjustments, and demand formulas. Additionally, you can efficiently handle traceable items by managing lot, serial, and bins.
  • Material Planning: Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a powerful tool that assesses all material demands, encompassing customer orders, dependent manufacturing orders, and warehouse transfers. It also evaluates the supply side, considering existing stock, open purchase orders, transfers, and manufacturing orders. MRP goes further by generating suggested orders accompanied by exception messages, assisting in adjusting order dates or cancelling orders when demand fluctuations occur.
  • Warehouse and Shop Floor Automation: Bid farewell to manual and paper-based inventory and shop floor transactions, notorious for slowing down production and inviting costly data entry errors. Acumatica Warehouse Management comes to the rescue by automating key processes such as picking (wave and batch), packing, shipping, inventory movements, and physical inventory checks. Additionally, Acumatica Data Collection supports production automation, covering material transactions, labour entry, clock-in and clock-out, and other essential transactions.

By utilising Acumatica’s inventory management and manufacturing suite, you can not only optimise your inventory practices but also pave the way for heightened efficiency and profitability in your operations.

Improve Inventory Management with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition
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