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Maximise Inventory Efficiency With Acumatica Distribution

Inventory Efficiency - Distribution

Maximise Inventory Efficiency With Acumatica Distribution

Maximise Inventory Efficiency with Acumatica Distribution

Efficient management of your inventory is essential for any distributor. Holding excess inventory can lead to obsolescence and increased carrying costs, while inadequate stock levels can result in missed sales opportunities and hindered growth. Distributors require adaptable tools to oversee inventory replenishment effectively, ensuring optimal stocking levels and maximizing returns on investment.

Enhance Inventory Optimisation through Replenishment

Harness the power of safety stock, minimum and maximum stocking thresholds, demand algorithms, and advanced configurations to automate the replenishment process. Utilize insights from inventory turnover rates to fine-tune settings for each item, boosting profits and minimizing carrying expenses. Employ ABC Codes to pinpoint high-velocity items, optimizing warehouse layouts for efficient picking, packing, and shipping operations.

Address Perishable Inventory Concerns

Mitigate losses from perishable goods through strategic stock rotations based on lot expiration dates and the first-expired-first-out (FEFO) principle. Identify lots nearing expiration for pre-emptive quality checks, preventing write-offs and allowances. Implement comprehensive lot tracking from production to sale to manage product recalls effectively.

Real-Time Monitoring of Supply and Demand

Deploy customized dashboards, email and text alerts, and real-time reports to monitor supply and demand dynamics instantaneously. Detect supply bottlenecks as orders traverse through your online shopfront, in-store transactions, or back-office sales systems. Respond promptly to low-stock and stock-out scenarios with integrated purchasing processes and timely notifications to suppliers.

Efficient Item Management Streamlining

Automate purchase order requisitions through vendor bidding for new additions to your inventory. Simplify the creation, management, and ordering of product families with matrix items. Quickly generate matrix items based on attributes like colour, style, grade, or size, and streamline sales and purchase order entries using matrix tables and grids.

Maximise Inventory Efficiency with Acumatica Distribution Edition – Overview

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