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What Is Cloud ERP?

What is Cloud ERP

What Is Cloud ERP?

To answer the question ‘What is Cloud ERP?’, we must first define what an ERP system is. Put simply, an ERP system integrates central business functions such as accounting, inventory management, human resources and customer relationship management into one system. In the past, these systems were only accessible to employees of an organisation when they were on the premises of their organisation.

Not anymore.

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning allows all the ERP users in a business to access critical financial and operational information and automate business processes via an internet connection.

Think of it as like having access to your Netflix library on your phone these days. In the past, you’d have needed to be at a location with a VHS or DVD player in order to watch your favourite film. Now? All you need is an internet (Cloud) connection and you’re able to be watching The Wolf of Wall Street at the touch of a (non-existent) button on your smart device.

That’s all thanks to cloud technology, and the same basic principle applies to Cloud-based ERP. Just swap out watching Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie for doing your payroll and you’ve got it!

The heart of any Cloud solution is a shared database. This allows different groups within an organisation to access the same data (in real-time) that is catered to their specific needs. This unifies business processes and information makes the organisation far more efficient and improves collaboration across the entire workforce.

By using a Cloud solution, businesses can avoid upfront costs for all computing infrastructure and software licences, minimises the cost of maintaining and supporting an ERP application, implement Cloud ERP applications faster and access the system and business data from anywhere at any time.

Put simply, Cloud ERP solutions are the future of business management in the modern world. For growing companies in particular, the transition to Cloud is an inevitable step in taking their businesses to the next level.

Applied Business are accredited partners of ERP Software providers Acumatica, Pegasus Opera and Greentree ERP.

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