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Improve Distribution Management With Acumatica

Improve Distribution Management with Acumatica

Improve Distribution Management With Acumatica

Experience unparalleled success in distribution with Acumatica’s cutting-edge ERP platform. Elevate your sales, streamline warehouse operations, optimise inventory management and revolutionise your purchasing process. Simplify item and inventory tracking with advanced features such as matrix items, lot and serial tracking, and customisable unit of measure conversions. Drive sales growth through flexible pricing strategies, targeted promotions and integrated CRM capabilities for efficient marketing and sales automation.

Acumatica’s robust replenishment tools ensure optimal stock levels, eliminating rush orders and stock shortages while increasing inventory turnover and reducing carrying costs. Manage perishable inventory effortlessly with lot expiration tracking for efficient stock rotation and first-expired-first-out picking. Enhance customer satisfaction with features like inventory stock reservations, accelerated order processing and seamless order fulfilment.

Extend the power of Acumatica with additional applications for e-commerce, point of sale and field service, catering to distributors engaged in online sales (B2B or B2C) or on-site installation services. Leverage automation, streamlined workflows, and comprehensive document management to unify data and processes across all aspects of your distribution business, leading to enhanced customer service, improved customer retention, and sustainable growth.

Improve Distribution Management With Acumatica

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