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Maximise Your Tech Investment with Acumatica

Maximise Tech Investment With Acumatica

Maximise Your Tech Investment with Acumatica

Throughout history, manufacturers have remained pioneers in technology adoption, evolving from computerised accounting systems in the 1960s to embracing CAD software in the 1970s, and now venturing into the realms of Industry 4.0. This modern era witnesses the integration of innovations like 3D printing, RFID, virtual and augmented reality, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into manufacturing processes.

Acumatica stands as a contemporary, cloud-native ERP solution, poised for artificial intelligence and machine learning integration. Boasting maturity and extensive functionality, it eliminates the complexities commonly associated with traditional ERP systems. With its user-friendly interface and exceptional scalability across diverse industries and company sizes, Acumatica empowers businesses to thrive.

For specialised requirements, trust the Acumatica partner community and platform to unlock additional avenues for business growth.

• Open Architecture: Acumatica’s cloud-native design facilitates seamless integration of third-party products, enabling manufacturers to customise Acumatica to suit their specific needs. Many manufacturers have leveraged this flexibility to develop tailored extensions, optimising Acumatica for their unique business processes.

• Channel Partners: Manufacturers excel at crafting exceptional products, while Acumatica specialises in software. Leveraging a global network of over 300 technology consultants, business advisors, and industry experts, Acumatica ensures that clients receive unparalleled support. Channel partners do more than just implement and train; they offer innovative solutions to address critical business challenges, and they tailor and configure the software to facilitate continuous business growth.

• Acumatica Marketplace: With one of the most reputable developer partner programs globally, Acumatica provides access to over 200 products. These offerings cater to diverse industry segments, offering specialised applications designed to enhance every facet of manufacturing operations and facilitate business expansion.

Maximise Your Tech Investment with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition
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