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Reduce Your Technology Expenses – Cloud ERP

Reduce Tech Expenses

Reduce Your Technology Expenses – Cloud ERP

Conventional ERP providers will often burden you and your business with expensive user licenses and binding long-term agreements, restricting your company’s flexibility and data accessibility upon termination.

Acumatica stands apart with its distinct licensing model and the advantages inherent in a native cloud platform.

  • Innovative Licensing Model: Acumatica offers unparalleled user licensing, allowing limitless user additions, including customers, vendors, and consultants. Acumatica firmly believe in leveraging ERP data to foster external collaboration and business expansion.
  • Reduced Technology Costs: With a true cloud ERP system, you never have to make another investment in a server. You never have to manage backups or off-site backup storage. You never have to physically upgrade your system. And you don’t even need a database administrator or other costly IT resources. Acumatica is much more than ERP – it’s your complete business platform provider enabling you to deploy the software wherever you want – on Acumatica’s cloud (Amazon or Microsoft), on your own private cloud, or even on-premise.
  • Implementation Efficiency: Unlike traditional ERP systems that require extensive setup time, Acumatica offers swift deployment. Cloud-hosted users enjoy hassle-free set-up as the software arrives pre-configured, saving time and resources. With comprehensive documentation and online access, both internal teams and external partners can swiftly navigate the implementation process. Acumatica’s Open University further enhances training accessibility, while its platform design minimises the need for costly source code customisations.
Reduce Your Technology Expenses With Acumatica Manufacturing Edition
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