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Provide Incredible Service With Acumatica

Provide Incredible Service With Acumatica

Provide Incredible Service With Acumatica

The success of manufacturers is not solely reliant on creating exceptional products. In the contemporary business environment, customers are discerning and choose suppliers not just for their goods, but for the comprehensive services that accompany them. As a result, leading manufacturers today go beyond the production line, extending their offerings to include installation, repair, maintenance, and various other services complementing their core products.

Acumatica’s cutting-edge CRM and field service systems offer an ideal platform for delivering unparalleled services, enabling your business to thrive. Here’s how:

  1. Mobile Field Service: Acumatica provides a complete suite of field service applications that efficiently manage service contracts, warranties, technician scheduling, dispatch, and depot repair. The system goes a step further by incorporating GPS-enabled route management, seamless project integration, and direct connectivity with CRM for effective service sales management.
  2. Customer Support: The CRM application includes a robust service and support case management system, allowing you to monitor and address issues related to the customer experience comprehensively. This encompasses aspects such as purchasing, account management, product assistance, and support. Additionally, a customer portal is provided, empowering customers to create support tickets and access a knowledge base for self-service information related to their purchased products.
  3. Preventative Maintenance: Downtime due to preventative maintenance or unexpected breakdowns can significantly impact your ability to meet customer deadlines. Acumatica’s service management features empower manufacturers to coordinate preventative maintenance for internal assets, minimizing disruptions to schedules and delivery dates.
Provide Incredible Service with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

Did you know? The Acumatica platform is intelligently designed for artificial intelligence and machine learning, streamlining mundane business processes. Leveraging AI and machine learning can result in new efficiencies for manufacturers, such as automated production scheduling for maximum throughput and replenishment order placement without human interaction. Stay ahead of the curve with Acumatica’s forward-thinking solutions and embrace the future of manufacturing.

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