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Optimise Workflows With Integrated Supply Chains

Optimise Workflows With Integrated Supply Chains

Optimise Workflows With Integrated Supply Chains

In the contemporary manufacturing landscape, collaboration stands as a cornerstone. Suppliers require accurate forecast data to effectively manage their operations. However, manufacturers relying on legacy ERP systems are at a disadvantage. They often find themselves tethered to disparate communication channels such as email, fax, and phone. This can hinder seamless decision-making regarding product design, procurement, production, and order fulfilment.

Enter Acumatica, a dynamic collaboration platform that seamlessly connects your business with customers, dealers and partners, enhancing efficiency across all facets of your operations.
  • Embedded CRM: Setting itself apart, Acumatica integrates an embedded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This feature provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers, dealers, and suppliers, encompassing invoices, order history, estimates and quotes, opportunities, and account contact information.
  • Commerce: Elevate both B2B and B2C online sales by leveraging Acumatica Retail Edition in tandem with BigCommerce. This powerful combination equips you with the tools needed to attract customers, dealers, or distributors to your online storefront. With up-sell and cross-sell features, you can enhance sales, offering visitors a familiar online shopping experience that includes easy order placement, account management, shipment tracking, and streamlined returns or exchanges.
  • External Collaboration: What sets Acumatica apart is its provision of unlimited user licenses. This unique feature enables manufacturers to extend secure access to customers, dealers, and vendors, allowing them to view pertinent information within the ERP system, tailored to their specific accounts, products, projects, and orders. Imagine providing controlled access for vendors to place purchase orders directly into your system or granting them visibility into Material Requirements Planning (MRP) reports for their parts. This level of access fosters true supply chain collaboration.

Incorporating Acumatica into your operations transcends mere software adoption; it’s a strategic decision to foster enhanced collaboration and efficiency throughout your supply chain.

Optimise Workflows with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition
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